Privacy policy

CAAT is committed to ensuring the security of the personal details of its supporters. Supporters’ personal and financial details are held on a secure server and CAAT takes steps to keep this data safe from unauthorised access, loss, disclosure and destruction. The confidential nature of the personal data held by CAAT is explained to all staff and volunteers who have access to the database during their initial training. For more details please email us requesting a copy of our full data protection policy.

Fair Processing Statement

CAAT collects personal data to keep our supporters and other interested parties informed about our work, to promote campaigns, actions and events, and to carry out fundraising activities to support our work. This information is held on a secure server based in the CAAT office.

All paper documents containing personal information are processed as soon as possible for the purposes requested or specified and then shredded once dealt with. Personal data is not kept for longer than purposes require, and only authorised staff and volunteers are given a password to access the CAAT supporter database.

If a supporter wishes all or part of their personal details to be removed from the database, or for their details to be updated they can write to us, phone or email us and a strict procedure is then followed to ensure the correct data is deleted, changed or kept, depending on the wishes of the supporter.

CAAT does not share supporter personal data with any other organisation.

Cookie policy

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