Make a life or death decision

The UK’s military spending is more than: £37,000,000,000 every year

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It sells arms to...

  • Oppressors

  • Repressive regimes

  • Both sides

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As vital public services are cut, our money is wasted on weapons we don’t need.

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What if this investment was shifted from arms into renewable energy?

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Jobs would be protected, as the two industries require similar skills.

Arms Corp.

Vacancies Arms Manufacturing

  1. 1Electrical Engineer
  2. 2Mechanical Engineer
  3. 3Marine Engineer
  4. 4Project Manager

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In fact, offshore wind and marine energy could produce more jobs than the entire arms industry

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And we’d be tackling the greatest threat to our existence:

Climate change

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and insecurity

Or this?

A cleaner,
safer world

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